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California CareForce™ is preparing for their second clinic in the Coachella Valley

We have completed the purchase of over three quarters of a million dollars in new dental, vision and medical equipment!  With this equipment we will have the resources for 70 dental stations, 10 vision exam stations and medical exam areas.  We are also going to be able to make 250+ pairs of new prescription glasses on site per day in our mobile vision lab.  All services are free to patients attending.

While we now have all of this new equipment we still need the most important resource, the volunteers.  If you have some free time please register.  Please see this link for more information:   click here

Coachella Valley CA Clinic 2013

The California CareForce 2013 Clinic held in Indio, CA in April was a success. Between RAMUSA, California CareForce, and Goldenvoice along with CALAOMS, The Flying Doctors and all of the professional and non-professional volunteers, were able to provide 12,210 much needed services to 2,770 patients, for a total value of services provided estimated at 1.05 million dollars.   All services were free to Patients as well as no Federal, State or Local tax dollar was used for this Clinic.
The breakdown of the clinic is as follows:

     Coachella Valley  
Total Number of Patients Seen    2,770  
Total Number of Services Provided    12,210    
Total Value of Services Provided    $1,056,176  

All of this is made possible by the dedicated volunteers who donate their time and resources to these clinics, and to whom we are extremely grateful!

Donations Needed to Help With Expansion

We are still looking for donations to help us with the expansion of our operation.  We are in the process of purchasing all the equipment to allow us to do 6 to 10 large mobile free clinics per year.  Our goal is to be able to open a large temporary free clinic in a community to assist with the tremendous backlog most community clinics have.  We are not replacing local free clinics, just helping with their backlog.

To give some idea what it costs us to build this infrastructure note the following.  

1) To purchase the equipment for one vision exam lane costs around $5000.  

2) It costs us $6 for the materials to make a single pair of prescription glasses.  

3) It costs around $13,000 for the equipment, dental instruments, compressed air system, portable dental chair, sterilization equipment for the instruments and miscellaneous custom made parts to have a functional single dental station. 

4) The operational costs for each patient at each clinic, which covers medical/dental/vision consumables, food, space costs, tables, chairs, medical gloves, drugs and so on is around $22 per patient.  This varies quite a bit depending on the location. 

If you would care to help us with any of these costs please consider a tax deductible donation to California CareForce.   Click here for information on donations.

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California CareForce Clinic Coachella Valley April 3-6, 2014

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