Patient Information

Services Provided FREE to Adults and Children by Volunteer Health Care Professionals


Cleanings, Fillings, Extractions

EYE CARE:   Complete Dilated Eye Exams, Glaucoma Testing, Diabetic Retinopathy Screening, and Prescription Glasses. 
Want to save time? Bring your current eye glass prescription (within one year) to avoid the wait for an eye exam at California CareForce. We may not be able to make glasses for everybody due to volume of patients!

MEDICAL:   Acupuncture, Breast Exams, Diabetes Screening, General Medicine, Physicals.

What you need to know:   California CareForce would like nothing more than to provide these services to everyone in need. However, we are limited by time, space, number of professional volunteers, and supplies. 

Because these services are offered free of charge and there may be thousands of residents in need, we cannot guarantee that you will be seen by volunteer medical staff. These services  are rendered on a first come first served basis.

When to show up and how to get a number:   Numbers will be issued to patients each day starting at 3:30 am on the morning of that day’s clinic. Only 1 (one) number will be issued to each person in line. You may wait in line for someone whose circumstances do not allow them to wait, but you will not receive a number for yourself as well. Once numbers run out, no other numbers will be issued for that day’s clinic.

What happens next:   Starting at 5:30 am patients with numbers will be let into the clinic area in small groups to register. Once registered, patients will wait inside (seating is provided) to be seen by volunteer professionals.  Volunteers will provide services to patients all day.  Please note: Patients will not be able to arrive throughout the day for services.  There are expected to be enough patients by 6:00am to occupy the volunteers all day.  Please be courteous to all volunteers and patients.  Because of the large number of patients seen each day, you should determine what your greatest need is (dental, medical, vision), and proceed to that treatment area.

What to bring:   As you can see, it may be a very long day for you and/or your family, and your comfort is your responsibility. Therefore, we suggest the following: You should bring some food and beverages. This could consist of breakfast, lunch, snacks, and water. Wear comfortable clothing. It may be cold at 3:30 am so dress warmly. However, based on the weather it could be warm during the day, so layered clothing is encouraged.

Bring items to relieve boredom:   Reading material or other form of portable entertainment, for small children consider bringing a small toy (California CareForce is not responsible for lost or stolen items.)

What Not To Bring:   No drugs or alcohol.

You may find answers to additional questions under the "Patient" section of the FAQs page.