2018 Coachella Clinic Roundup


Thank you again to all who participated in our 2018 Coachella Clinic at the Riverside County Fairgrounds from March 23-25. Because of your efforts, we were able to meet ALL our goals this year! Check our our final numbers below.


1,650 individuals served

7,871 procedures completed

$668,672 in critical care provided

1,000 professional and general volunteers

17,000+ hours volunteered

$47,000+ worth of general labor contributed

 542 dental x-rays

520 fillings

611 extractions

29 partial dentures

297 medical exams

1,635 blood pressure tests

112 labs completed

76 referrals made

626 eye exams

459 pairs of custom eyeglasses made on-site

114 specialty eyeglasses ordered for free


We cannot express how we much we appreciate you donating your time and expertise to those in need in the Coachella Valley community. We hope you will consider joining us again in 2019 and look forward to inviting you to do so.
Our 2018 Coachella Clinic would not have been possible without our sponsors. California CareForce greatly appreciates their generous contributions.
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