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It is never too late to donate! 

"Giving Tuesday" has come and gone, but the donation campaign will continue until we reach our goal!

California CareForce is thankful for you!  More than 3 million California residents cannot afford basic healthcare.  But with the help of our donors, California CareForce (CCF) provided FREE dental, vision, and health services to thousands of patients through volunteer-supported, no-cost pop-up clinics in 2023!  It is not too late to donate to our GIVING TUESDAY funds campaign and help us make the 2024 clinics possible!  



The value of the services provided at CCF clinics is $3.3 million, with an average cost of more than $400.00 per person.

WE NEED YOUR HELP!  Consider a gift of $500 to cover one patient visit.

Here are some examples of what your generous donation will cover:

  • A simple tooth extraction:  $166
  • X-rays per person:  $150
  • One dental cleaning:  $100
  • One tooth filling:  $180
  • Physical Exam:  $230
  • Eye exam & one pair of glasses:  $250

Consider adopting one or more patient visits.  For example, an x-ray and dental cleaning would be a donation of $250.

Join the FORCE today by CLICKING HERE!

Did you know?

  • An estimated 3.2 million Californians lack access to comprehensive health insurance.
  • Nearly 57% of people have experienced at least one healthcare burden within the past year.
  • A quarter of adults and 29% of children live with tooth decay.
  • The average adult has three cavity fillings, and 25% have 11.
  • Traditional Medicare plans offer limited dental and vision coverage.
  • CCF has seen a marked increase in seniors attending our clinic events since the COVID-19 pandemic, with adults aged 65 and over making up more than 20% of all clinic patients.